Marine Insurance

Whether you are either out occasionally or every weekend on the water, GIA can recommend an insurance policy that suits your boating lifestyle and water activities. From tinnies to power boast, yachts and jet skis, we understand that different boat types require different insurance cover. Along with providing standard cover, GIA specialises in assisting you with extended cover for moored cruisers or yachts, trailer-craft, ski boats and personal watercraft. Have you considered the need to cover your marine equipment for social activities or events including extended yacht racing, water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surging and aquaplaning, and voluntary rescue services? GIA can advise you on policies that cover equipment and accessories such as:

  • hull
  • motors (including control equipment)
  • sails
  • masts
  • spars and rigging
  • trailer
  • accessories, tools, contents
  • fishing gear, water ski equipment and diving equipment.

In addition, GIA can tailor insurance cover to meet your exact needs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • theft
  • fire
  • malicious damage
  • stranding and capsizing
  • collision with other boats
  • jetties
  • submerged objects
  • motor vehicles while loading or unloading your boat.

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