Farm Motor Insurance

Farm motor insurance can cover more specifically the motor vehicles used in the operations of your farm. This includes vehicles such as tractors, motorbikes, agricultural motors and more. Much like motor vehicle cover, there are three areas of cover which GIA can assist you with. In the instance of an accident third party insurance will only cover the other party or property involved in the accident, leaving you to personally cover the cost of damage to your own motor vehicle. A comprehensive policy provides the highest level of protection by additionally covering you for the damage caused to your motor vehicle, meaning you can get back on the farm quickly and with ease of mind. Third Party Fire and Theft Cover is mid-tier cover which insures your motor vehicle for the standard third party inclusions but also for theft, fire damage, and accidental damage.

GIA can guide you through Farm Motor insurance policies that include:

  • Comprehensive Cover with options such as nominated driver cover and protected no claim bonus
  • Third Party Property Damage Fire and Theft Cover
  • Third Party Property Damage Cover
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