Construction Insurance

If you are working in construction or are having construction work completed at your property, you need to insure yourself to protect against accidents, liability, and the loss and damage of general property and equipment. Mistakes can happen during the construction phase and on complex projects,  they are almost inevitable. If you work in the commercial construction industry, you must ensure you are covered for liability. If you are a retail client and are looking at renovating, building or fitting out, construction insurance will provide peace of mind against damage, theft and in the unfortunate circumstance of the builder’s business collapsing during your project. GIA can provide you with up to date information and legal obligations associated with your individual needs and can assist you and your businesses in the following areas:

  • Large commercial buildings
  • Small extensions
  • Liability
  • Loss and damage of general property
  • Removal of debris
  • Theft and damage of equipment, machinery and materials on-site

Insurance policy details at this level can be overwhelming, but are critical. Please contact the team of experts at GIA to ensure you have the cover that meets your needs.

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