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Professional risk insurance is vital for any business to ensure that any areas of vulnerability and liability are covered by the correct type of insurance. Within Professional Risk you will find office, trade, liability, machinery breakdown and financial divisions of insurance. Professional indemnity insurance is essential for any professionals who provide their clients and members of the public with advice and information. It will protect the individual or organisation against public or client liability lawsuits which may occur in instances such as providing misleading or incorrect information, or breaches of confidentiality. GIA can assist you through the process of tailoring a professional risk insurance solution to protect you and your business. Find out more about each area of insurance and how they may apply to you:


Businesses often need to provide a building location for their staff to work, machinery for them to use, computer systems and software for them to utilise on this machinery, and general property and content items. This will all be covered under a business policy which will also provide you with even more flexibility on insuring aspects such as business interruption, theft and money, glass, public and products liability, employee dishonesty, electronic equipment, general property and taxation investigation. It is important to check any lease agreements you have entered into to ensure that the types and level of insurance specified are in place, and any lessor obligations are met. GIA can guide you through and areas of additional risk or liability to ensure you have the right cover.


Unfortunately, we live in a litigious world and businesses and individual are exposed to risk. It is important that you understand your professional and business risks that may leave you vulnerable. Liability cover will protect your legal liability to pay damages for an occurrence in the course of your business. Product liability will protect your legal liability to pay damages for an occurrence by an unknown defect in your products. Speak with the GIA’s expert team about what risks you are exposed to, and which type of liability cover is best tailored to your needs.


If you or your business supply employees with machinery and pressure equipment, you should consider cover for any unforeseen and sudden physical damage or destruction that requires repair or replacement, to enable your work flow to continue. Speak with GIA’s expert team if you would like to consider coverage for the deterioration of refrigerated goods caused by an equipment breakdown or failure, or any other specifics which may apply to your individual insurance needs.

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