Posted on: October 13, 2021

Don’t Risk It

At GIA insurance Brokers we work with our clients to ensure you obtain the best value from your Insurance along with providing optimum service. We work daily within the Domestic, Rural, Commercial and SME Business space.

An Insurance Broker works with clients to get to know their risks. All business involves risk. Things like Bushfires, Floods, Burglary along with Public Liability. There can be other areas of risk like Management Liability. Crop Insurance, if you are a farmer, is also a risk.

It really is hard to anticipate all risks as things change often. Did you know there are over 5,000 statutes of law impacting small to medium businesses in Australia.

An Insurance Broker like your GIA Insurance Broker will work with you to consider having a risk management approach within your small to medium business. It would be devastating to lose your livelihood or not be insured correctly. We also understand the need to balance costs and risks and work with you to ensure you obtain the best value.

A simple Risk Management Model is worthy to consider:

Consider & Identify the Risks Within Your Business

With your Insurance Broker or Business Adviser you can list your risks that you might face with your business. Each business is different. If you were a printer they rely on their computers and machinery, a breakdown could devastate that business. A Restaurant needs to ensure good food handling practices are in place. A Broker will work with you to look at Insurable risks like fire, burglary, breakdown etc. Some risks can’t be insured but it is worthy to consider and identify them.

Manage, Monitor & Mitigate the Risks

You then can have a few business processes to manage and mitigate these risks. You can reduce risk with some simple actions like fire protection, quality security and training staff in safety. Backing up your computer regularly is a good practice too. There are various Insurance products to help protect against risks, your GIA Insurance Broker can show you what options there are.

Seek Assistance

GIA Insurance Brokers have a great knowledge of insurance and work with our clients to help identify and manage risk. Each business is different, it is good to work with a Broker that works with you to help identify risks your business may face. It certainly is worth a chat. Other professionals also may be able to assist too.

Submitted by John Rix Dip Insurance Broking, MBA, ANZIIF (Senior Associate), CIP Senior Broker, GIA Insurance- BERRI SA.

Every day is a learning day, John says. He has over 35 years’ experience with General Insurance & is still learning. Any risk queries or if you want to reach out to talk about Risk, feel free to email John at or phone 0408 003 093

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