Posted on: March 15, 2021

The value of an insurance broker

Having an insurance broker in your corner can help give your business tailored insurance policies to suit your needs. With the know-how needed to support individual clients, the value of an insurance broker goes above and beyond that of a price comparison website.

As an expert adviser with experience in risk management, complex business needs and customised services, brokers work alongside clients to provide the best available insurance solutions. If you need help making sense of the many different cover options available, enlisting a broker could be valuable for a vast variety of reasons.

Save yourself time and hassle

If you’ve ever had to sit and compare the many car, home, travel and business insurance policies out there to identify the best deal, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be. When it comes to choosing the best cover for your business, this task can take an exhausting amount of valuable time that could be better spent on running your business.

Not only can an insurance broker save you time sourcing and selecting a policy, but they can save you time throughout the renewal and claims periods, too. If the unexpected was to happen, an expert broker will help you understand what to do and they’ll navigate the claims process with you.

Access in-depth expertise

To the typical business or individual, it’s rarely a simple task to navigate the complexity of the insurance market, which can lead to important elements being overlooked. Insurance products can be extremely detailed – and often confusing – while the risk needs of each client can be highly varied.

For insurance brokers, these tasks are part of day-to-day life. An insurance broker’s key responsibility is to understand the market inside out, possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise, and constantly being up to date with any market changes. By using a broker, you’re more likely to find a deal that’s right for you, ensuring a thorough job has been done.

Get tailored risk-management solutions

As the complexity of doing business in Australia increases, the range of risks facing yourself or your company will increase too. Standard insurance policies are increasingly less relevant to many companies, often covering only the basics, without any consideration of your specific risks. Alternatively, you could end up paying an unnecessary sum for cover that you don’t need, increasing your costs without adding any benefits.

By purchasing insurance cover without consulting a broker, you could be leaving your business exposed to risks that you didn’t even know existed. A broker on the other hand will recognise your individual and extraordinary requirements. They can identify the cover that you need, arrange it with an appropriate insurer and make sure that all your documents are current and correct too.

Receive support throughout the insurance lifecycle

Insurance brokers exist to provide a first-class service to clients. A good insurance broker will always put your needs first, taking the time to support you through the whole insurance process. From the initial assessment, to your cover purchase, policy renewal and the claims process, your broker will support you each step of the way, working in your best interest.

Not only does a broker help get you the financial outcome that you deserve, but they will be there to offer ongoing support and advice at every stage.

How we can help you

As an authorised insurance brokerage, we provide general insurance solutions to our clients. We have access to Australia’s major insurers and underwriting agencies, helping you find the best policy for your needs.

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