Posted on: June 9, 2019

Travel Insurance Questions – FAQs

What are your frequently asked travel insurance questions?

One of the most frequent types of questions we get as insurance brokers are travel insurance questions.

So we decided to create a checklist of the more common scenarios that clients might be wondering about – check it out below.

Do I need travel insurance?

  • Do I need travel insurance for overseas travel? We would strongly suggest that you do need travel insurance – for health insurance, emergency flights home, luggage… in some countries you may be in serious trouble if you need medical assistance and you do not have cover.
  • If I’m flying domestically do I need travel insurance? You might weigh up your travel risk, especially if it’s for an important event or you have valuables…perhaps it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion like a wedding! What would you do if your luggage was lost? There is a big difference between policies in how quickly you’ll get paid for emergency supplies (and how much you’re covered for).
  • My credit card comes with travel insurance – is this good enough? How often we hear this! You might be fine, but please, please read the fine print about what’s covered and what’s excluded (things like adventure sports are often not covered). Make sure you understand how quickly your cover responds and even read some reviews of those who have made a claim.
  • I’m only taking a road trip, do I need travel insurance?There are some situations where extra insurance should be considered, but for many, risk management might be more practical. Check your ‘back to basics’ stuff and make sure your car is in good nick and has been recently serviced before your trip. Check your oil and tyres before you hit the road. Definitely don’t drive if you are tired or may be impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • I’m hiring a car for my road trip – now do I need travel insurance? This could be a different story, many travel insurance policies will pay for the excess you might incur if you have an accident. It’s worth asking us the question so you can make an informed decision.
  • What if I’m hosting visitors? You probably don’t need travel insurance, but if you’re visitors are bringing their kiddos you might want to double check that your house insurance includes accidental damage! If you’re hosting visitors through the Airbnb or other similar platforms, you definitely should check with your insurance broker about any gaps in your cover.
  • What happens if I don’t have travel insurance? Not having travel insurance may leave you open to being liable for thousands of dollars out of pocket. Whether you’ve got costs due to a medical emergency or significant and expensive delays, the risk can leave you financially vulnerable. There are some very reasonable travel insurance options out there – talk to us about your budget or concerns before you decide to skip it altogether.

This checklist is very general – please talk to us about your specific situation for options suitable for your needs.

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