Posted on: June 29, 2017

Another day, another cyber attack – how can small businesses protect themselves?

There are reports that the latest global cyber attack, known as the Petya virus, is the ‘scariest’ and possibly costliest yet.

Protection from cyber attacks

So what can small businesses do to protect themselves from the big, bad ransomware?

Well, according to The Guardian, most major antivirus companies now claim that their software has updated to actively detect and protect against “Petya” infections.

Another important mitigation step is keeping your Windows up to date – for this specific virus there’s a patch that purportedly defends against vulnerability to the virus, and may also help protect against future attacks with different payloads.

Remember the basics

Do not click on links or attachments or download files from suspicious senders. Don’t use public Wi-Fi for business, and be wary of shortened links.

To prevent attacks like Petya in general, employees should have their automatic software updates on, and should avoid using outdated operating systems.

And talk to us, too, about including cyber insurance as part of your insurance solution, so you have a safety net in place should you need it.

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