Our team at General Insurance Agencies offer personal service to all of our valuable clients. We have established strong working relationships with them and we tailor insurance solutions to their specific needs and ensure that they are completely satisfied with the results.

General Insurance Agencies can advise and assist you in the following areas

Personal InsurancePersonal Insurance

Personal Insurance

We can advise you on home, contents and motor vehicles cover to ensure you are protected against loss, theft or damage. We can also advise on additional coverage for valuable assets such as boats, caravans, motorbikes.

Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We can assist you with personal travel insurance, including the loss or damage of baggage, medical, dental as well as rescheduling & cancellations of transport & accommodation.

Business InsuranceBusiness Insurance

Business Insurance

We can tailor business packages to protect you against industry hazards and risks.

Construction InsuranceConstruction Insurance

Construction Insurance

We can assess and identify the areas of your construction project which may be at risk and ensure that you are covered by insurance.

Farm InsuranceFarm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farm insurance can cover housing, sheds, crops, livestock, machines, vehicles and equipment. Insurance can help to protect you in the event natural disasters such as fires.

Marine InsuranceMarine Insurance

Marine Insurance

General Insurance Agencies can can advise you on insurance for all personal and commercial vessels. Commercial hull insurance is particularly important for all marine operators carrying passengers and companies leasing or renting vessels.

Professional Risks InsuranceProfessional Risks Insurance

Professional Risks Insurance

Professional risks insurance is needed for any individual or organisation that delivers advice. Professional indemnity insurance ensures that you are protected against client and public liability.

Commercial Motor InsuranceCommercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance is applicable to any individual or organisation that controls or operates motor vehicles. This includes trade or company cars and vehicles, motor fleets and trucks.

Heavy Motor InsuranceHeavy Motor Insurance

Heavy Motor Insurance

Fleeting or earthmoving companies that manage or operate any vehicle over 10 tonnes need to be covered by heavy Motor insurance, we’ll assist you choosing what level of cover is right for you.